About Us

Miss Lulo is a mother-daughter family business based in California. We are a retro-inspired vintage brand featuring original art from local artists. We are known for our fun unique prints, inclusive sizing (XS - 4X), and flattering silhouettes. We are committed to quality and comfort in all of our products.

High Consciousness Sourcing and Manufacturing

Manufacturers are evaluated for their conduct with their employees.


We acknowledge the difficulties of human ethics in the garment industry born of the capitalist structure.

Thus, we put forth the effort to maintain and support those manufacturers who take that extra mile (kilometre) for their factory workers.
As our company grows, we are able to do more to help the work conditions and provide better quality goods; this is an inclusive winning game-plan that takes into consideration the realities of our current globalized economic system.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We understand that we are among a dynamic and growingly border-less world. Our business practices reflect our understanding to hold principles that are ALL inclusive and support diversity.


What exactly does this mean?


Our culture and the culture we strive to promote are in line with acceptance of all. No group is ever turned away, no individual is not a part of the whole. Acceptance and love is the source of true growth in all of us. Thus, we strive to hire, act, and strategize our goals to align with unity – our group brings in and are inspired by different cultures, a mix of ethnicities and are open and accepting to all orientations.

This is our foundation and source of our growth.